Monday, August 25, 2014

The Soothing Nature of Art

When everything goes kaflooey, there is nothing taking an art escape. WCAGA had a Draw 4 Days event at TULA. They rented a gallery and we had the option of taking a space and making whatever struck our fancy.

I brought some paper that I had bouncing around for years -- had never done anything with it, so it wouldn't be a loss if I just tossed it when it was all over. Threw a pile of pencils and markers into a tote bag and off I went. Oh, also took a Vanity Fair Magazine, scissors and glue. The idea of doing some collage occurred to me...a sweet throwback to kindergarten.

It turned out that it was as soothing and undemanding as a preschool class. I took my place and let the lines and  wisecracks flow. Odd pieces of photos filled in the cracks. And so it goes. Didn't try for fine art, didn't care. It astonished me that people seemed to find these things clever and interesting. What do you think?

Whoa! Who told you that you could go there?
Where did I leave that thing?
So tired of same old, same old.
Tall and True...Give Me Some.
Ghosts? Hell, no! Those are the Neighbors.
Hello! Voices of friends can be heard everywhere.
Lord have mercy!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
"Did you hear what happened to Ahab?"

Take me home, Charlie! Now!
God, what I have seen in my lifetime!
Whew! I AM getting ahead of myself!

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