Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mysteries unravel when we look closer and find out what really took place. This is a closer view of "If This Were a Dream, I Would Understand What Was Happening."

Taking a closer view, we sometimes see things we might never have noticed. Applies to life and to paintings.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

If This Were a Dream I Would Understand What Was Happening

This one seems to pull from the past. Could be that I've been talking to long lost cousins and rediscovering a world of people I thought I'd never see again. It's a wonderful, wonderful feeling. My emotions always show on a canvas. There's nothing I can hide.

Life Is Complicated Today

A new day, a new painting. Somehow, I don't feel as if I've accomplished thing if I haven't made some new art. "Life Is Complicated Today" is about those threads of issues that knot together and make a mess of your day. "If This Were a Dream I Would Understand What Was Happening," is about all those foggy memories that almost come together and then almost don't. You can hang onto a few details, but the rest float away unless you've captured them in a photo or a journal...or if someone from your past materializes and reminds you of what you shared.