Monday, November 10, 2014

An Overflow of Emotions

     When words don't do it, when they don't even begin to get to the bottom of all the feelings that have gathered steam and seem trapped in a little cupboard behind your brain -- somehow, they get released when brush and paint hit a solid surface. Oddly enough, they even communicate to others things you could never begin to say.
      Such was the case with "Overflow of Emotions." In fact, I shared it with a very dear cousin and she related to it as much as I did. Right now, it is on my desk drying. Next to is a mailing label that will go on the package when it is safe enough to travel.
      Does this do it for you?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Art Heals

My own version of therapy: I took out my rage against the forces of nature a few days ago on two perfectly harmless canvases. In my opinion, the paintings on them were mediocre -- but I could have sold them or given them away to someone who might have enjoyed them. No matter...they were in the cross hairs of my whatever...

So, with brush, paint and palette knives I destroyed two very innocent paintings that had never done anyone any wrong. On top of the abstract images I plastered paint and it soothed my psyche.

Today, I went back, in somewhat of a better place. Remarkably, I found that I wasn't doing damage,
maybe even improving the images a bit. I'll share them here -- only to point to a couple of works in progress that have healing powers.

Fireworks, Oil on Canvas, 12"x12"

                                         "Hidden Meanings," Oil on Canvas, 24"x24"

A section of "Hidden Meanings"

Another section of "Hidden Meanings"

And still another section of "Hidden Meanings"
I highly recommend the process!

The Soothing Nature of Art

When everything goes kaflooey, there is nothing taking an art escape. WCAGA had a Draw 4 Days event at TULA. They rented a gallery and we had the option of taking a space and making whatever struck our fancy.

I brought some paper that I had bouncing around for years -- had never done anything with it, so it wouldn't be a loss if I just tossed it when it was all over. Threw a pile of pencils and markers into a tote bag and off I went. Oh, also took a Vanity Fair Magazine, scissors and glue. The idea of doing some collage occurred to me...a sweet throwback to kindergarten.

It turned out that it was as soothing and undemanding as a preschool class. I took my place and let the lines and  wisecracks flow. Odd pieces of photos filled in the cracks. And so it goes. Didn't try for fine art, didn't care. It astonished me that people seemed to find these things clever and interesting. What do you think?

Whoa! Who told you that you could go there?
Where did I leave that thing?
So tired of same old, same old.
Tall and True...Give Me Some.
Ghosts? Hell, no! Those are the Neighbors.
Hello! Voices of friends can be heard everywhere.
Lord have mercy!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
"Did you hear what happened to Ahab?"

Take me home, Charlie! Now!
God, what I have seen in my lifetime!
Whew! I AM getting ahead of myself!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Secrets of the Sea

     In the most difficult times of my life, I have gone to the beach and watched the waves, felt the power of the sea to nurture and soothe. Miles from the ocean, it still has the power to bring my heart some comfort. News of my mother's condition has been hard to bear. I can barely think of anything else. 
     Yesterday was one of those days -- a bee chose to sting me and the tai chi class I have enjoyed has been cancelled.
     This morning I can hear the buzz saws.  Clearing has begun for a development in the pasture I have been able to enjoy for more than 20 years. All at once -- reason enough to turn to the ocean for solace.

     I picked up my brushes and finished this painting that I call "Secrets of the Sea." It is modest in size, only 20"x20", but it connects me to the waves and world beneath its surface.

                                                               "Secrets of the Sea"

"Secrets of the Sea" (detail)

                                                          "Secrets of the Sea" (detail)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On the edge of spring, the evening sky

A falcon sat on a branch above our  heads, totally aware that we were standing there, completely unimpressed by our presence. He was magnificent, as was the gorgeous sky.

Friday, January 24, 2014

At the far ends of the earth...and back

I've been writing a lot -- but yesterday I was moved to do a couple of watercolor paintings for cards I needed to send. The abstract is a sympathy card -- life is so complicated. The seascape is for my mother's 90th birthday. She is living in Hawaii near the Pacific with a view of the ocean from her window.