Friday, June 13, 2014

Secrets of the Sea

     In the most difficult times of my life, I have gone to the beach and watched the waves, felt the power of the sea to nurture and soothe. Miles from the ocean, it still has the power to bring my heart some comfort. News of my mother's condition has been hard to bear. I can barely think of anything else. 
     Yesterday was one of those days -- a bee chose to sting me and the tai chi class I have enjoyed has been cancelled.
     This morning I can hear the buzz saws.  Clearing has begun for a development in the pasture I have been able to enjoy for more than 20 years. All at once -- reason enough to turn to the ocean for solace.

     I picked up my brushes and finished this painting that I call "Secrets of the Sea." It is modest in size, only 20"x20", but it connects me to the waves and world beneath its surface.

                                                               "Secrets of the Sea"

"Secrets of the Sea" (detail)

                                                          "Secrets of the Sea" (detail)

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