Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Lady Waits

Folksinger Spirits

Crowing in the Night

The paintings above were done last month. New Year's Resolution: To be much better about posting on my blog.

***And, yes, I've just these hung these and other paintings at the Roswell Teahouse, 108 Magnolia St., Roswell, 30075 (Historic Roswell, close to Canton St. and gallery row).

Opening reception:

Friday, Jan. 21, 6:30-9 p.m.

We'll have tea and treats. A bonus is that not only are my paintings on exhibit, but my son, Andre, also had some of his wonderful paintings in the show. There is a good chance he'll bring his guitar and sing for us, too.

I hope to see you there!

On the day after Christmas, sun shining, frigid temperatures and snow still shining on branches outside, I feel sort of housebound, not wanting to risk the streets that might still be icy. I stayed in and finished a painting -- "House of the Heart." Not sure why that title came to me, but it seems stuck on this piece of artwork. There's nothing sweet about this one. There is something of the animal warrior in it. Hot coals and prussian blues. Strength and maybe even some anger. Even the technique is not my gentlest. All that said, I enjoyed bringing it to the finish line and felt good to see it done. I actually like it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Gorgeous North Georgia Mountains

With the leaves changing in North Georgia, it was impossible to stop taking photos. Everywhere I turned there was something breathtaking. I loved the reflections in the water more than anything else. Amazing!

Rushing Crystal Waters

This is my most recent painting -- 40"x30" oil on canvas. It was inspired by my friends' home overlooking Big Creek in Roswell. There were glints of an orange sunset on the water that were metallic and gorgeous. This painting is now going to live on their fireplace of stacked grey stone from floor to ceiling.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

WRAP AROUND JEWEL TONES -- Oil on Canvas, 48"x24"
For Sale -- $4,200

IN THE HEAT OF THE SUMMER -- close-up of detail

IN THE HEAT OF THE SUMMER -- Oil on Canvas -- 48"x24"
For Sale -- $4,200.

Paintings from this season -- scorching colors and suggestions of steamy subjects.
Yes, Tennessee Williams -- A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Images of Elizabeth Taylor in
her satin slip. You start to understand the heat and passion of the South in this kind
of summer.

A SUMMER DAY -- oil on canvas panel -- 28"x22"
For sale -- $1,800.

I can't believe we're so far into August. This summer is a steamy hot one that is changing the complexion of our lives lately. How many people aren't even going outside until after dark?

Lately, the events of the day -- including a character named Fritz -- have stolen my painting time. No, not true. I've given up painting time to deal with this remarkable dog who turned my dining room into rubble and is presently tranquilized like an ADD child who does something similar. Being the grown up in charge is by no means easy.

In any case, I have paintings that haven't made it to this blog yet -- so here they are. I'm finding deeper color and rougher textures. There is an emotional outburst here that is saying things I am not even going to try and translate. Sometimes it reveals so much more than words can say.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Girl from the Hill

Just when I feel as if I've got a pattern, a path, I pick up my brushes and a whole, new kind of picture emerges. This time it's almost representational. Not all the way -- but almost. There is a feeling of a home, a building, trees, maybe even a fire in the background. Then, there is the girl, definitely a girl. I didn't ask her to be there. I didn't plan for her to be there, but she emerged. She's leaving, going somewhere, her back to us. Who is she? Why is she there? She hasn't said a word.
The silent female on a silent journey. And we all have a journey. Sometimes we share it with others and sometimes we keep it to ourselves.

Is it a good thing to keep that silence? Yes, I do believe that sometimes it is. The recent movie that impressed me so much was "Get Low" with Robert Duval, the remarkable man who kept his secret for so many years. I won't comment on how I think he should have gone. You need to see the movie. It is so very rich. I do wish I could write a movie as powerful as that one.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

People have been asking me about "The Blessing," the watercolor painting I did of Pres. Barack Obama. Yes, I do have prints available. I put the 8"x11" print on ebay local for $85. However,
if you see it here on my blog, I am assuming you are a friend. Friends' price is $35.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the Heat of the Night

NPR played Bolero tonight and I picked up my brushes and the reds and yellows jumped out at me. I don't think this is finished, but I see the summer heat and the passion of the music reflected on the canvas. It's rude, it's crude, but it's getting there. Getting where, I don't really know. I had a conversation with Andre this afternoon and he paints the same way -- He lets the painting just flow. Neither of us start with a firm, absolute idea of where we're going. Maybe that's also a pretty good definition of my lifestyle. Things happen. Sometimes you'd like to plan, but it just doesn't work. What you expect rarely turns out that way.

Some of the heat on my canvas may have also been borrowed from last night's screening of "Go Low." It could be the movie of the year. If you see it, I promise you, you won't forget it. Bill Murray, Robert Duval and Sissy Spacek. An incredible cast and a story that came out of Georgia's hills. A country story based on real people. Relatives of Duval's character were in the audience!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Photo Op: Paintings in Decatur -- My about-to-end show: taking it down tomorrow night.