Saturday, August 7, 2010

A SUMMER DAY -- oil on canvas panel -- 28"x22"
For sale -- $1,800.

I can't believe we're so far into August. This summer is a steamy hot one that is changing the complexion of our lives lately. How many people aren't even going outside until after dark?

Lately, the events of the day -- including a character named Fritz -- have stolen my painting time. No, not true. I've given up painting time to deal with this remarkable dog who turned my dining room into rubble and is presently tranquilized like an ADD child who does something similar. Being the grown up in charge is by no means easy.

In any case, I have paintings that haven't made it to this blog yet -- so here they are. I'm finding deeper color and rougher textures. There is an emotional outburst here that is saying things I am not even going to try and translate. Sometimes it reveals so much more than words can say.

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