Monday, July 19, 2010

The Girl from the Hill

Just when I feel as if I've got a pattern, a path, I pick up my brushes and a whole, new kind of picture emerges. This time it's almost representational. Not all the way -- but almost. There is a feeling of a home, a building, trees, maybe even a fire in the background. Then, there is the girl, definitely a girl. I didn't ask her to be there. I didn't plan for her to be there, but she emerged. She's leaving, going somewhere, her back to us. Who is she? Why is she there? She hasn't said a word.
The silent female on a silent journey. And we all have a journey. Sometimes we share it with others and sometimes we keep it to ourselves.

Is it a good thing to keep that silence? Yes, I do believe that sometimes it is. The recent movie that impressed me so much was "Get Low" with Robert Duval, the remarkable man who kept his secret for so many years. I won't comment on how I think he should have gone. You need to see the movie. It is so very rich. I do wish I could write a movie as powerful as that one.

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