Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oceans of Life and Bright Spirits

Life brings events that defy words and twist our beings into positions we never thought we would find ourselves. A phone call did it for me last night. A cousin called from Virginia Beach...her cousin was gone...He died in an unfortunate accident in his home. A fall...that's all it took to end his life.

I painted ocean scenes for her and for my late cousin's sons...symbolic of our voyages on this planet. Without exception, they are all beyond our control. We can make plans, but the universe often has other designs.

When I turn to my paints and brushes, it seems to make more sense than trying to sort out what is going around me.
Ocean Voyage I

Ocean Voyage II

Ocean Voyage III

And while the paints and brushes were out, I made another painting to send to a friend of the arts.

Bright Spirits

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