Sunday, July 29, 2012

"In the Pink" and "Natural Wonders"

Bigger is interesting. After I stretched these canvases and balanced them on two easels to keep them steady, I was dealing with space, lots of wonderful, open space. Faced with a perfect canvas, the urge to make wide, sweeping gestures is irresistible. It's physical and challenges those of us who are not among the big and tall. I can't say why, but I've always liked to work on a large scale. The impact is so much greater. And there is a joy in being able to make something that keeps your attention. The little item on the table is not going to distract from the painting that is five feet by five feet -- which is what these two paintings are -- as is "Seriously" (give or take an inch or two).  A confession -- yes, I am jealous of the artists who are currently painting murals on the sides of buildings. The ultimate result is WOW! You can't miss their message.

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