Monday, June 11, 2012

Feminine and Free!

                                Feminine and Free -- Three canvases, each 12"x30", in oil.

This painting started out mild and innocuous. I kept working and it started to acquire blood and guts. There is enough wallpaper in this world that blends into the background. The turmoil that bubbles under the surface, the angst that is churning and the hearts that break -- I think I got close to it in this painting. I applied the paint with brush and palette knife. Then, I scratched and I scribbled. Too much perfection and smoothness is patently artificial. Overly dramatic? After as many decades as I have been around--I think it only beings to tell the story. The whole truth is impossible to express. I do believe that the truth is that women yearn to be free, free of the constraints that have been attached to them over the centuries in almost every culture.

Below: Close-ups of  the scratches and scars. 


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